10 steps of a Home Renovation Process

As pros, the home renovation process is straightforward to us, however, we appreciate that you, like most of our clients, don’t have the same intimate knowledge of the steps involved. That’s why you hire a home renovation professional. Regardless, here are ten basic steps of the home renovation process, so you know what to expect when building your dream home.

Select a builder

This important first step is the key to a successful renovation project as it’s the builder who guides you through the home renovation process, keeping you focused on your goals while delivering a quality home for you and your family. 

Get your finances in order

Depending on the size of your project, you can expect to write many cheques in sometimes frequent intervals, so it’s a good idea to understand the renovation fee structure and get that all that settled before the work begins. 

Hire an architect and designer 

This is a must, especially for larger projects, as you will need someone to design your ideas and apply for permits. 

Apply for permits

Usually handled by the architect-thank goodness, because the paperwork on these documents can be laborious, confusing, and usually requires licensing and technical knowledge.

Plan and specify products and finishes

This is when your designer is worth their weight in gold! As they, along with your builder, will help devise a plan on how to turn those visions into tangible finishes. Although it may seem early, this is a great time to start ordering all finish items in case there are long lead times or delays. Items such as windows, doors, stairs, flooring, tile, appliances and fixtures, should all be specified and ordered in advance to avoid delays.

Awarded permit

Let the home renovation begin! This is when the bulk of the site preparation happens and the demolition begins. 

Dig and build

Once demolition is complete, the build starts. This could be digging out for a home addition, building up foundation and structure to manage a new second-floor addition, or adding structural steel in the basement for an open-concept home. 

Building envelope 

This is when your home renovation starts to take shape. This is also a time when you will see a myriad of trades completing different tasks such as framing, roofing, insulation, drywall, etc. Exciting to watch, but best to stop by during off times, when safe to do so, to avoid any delays to the build.

Services installation 

Now that the building envelope is complete, connecting the services to the house such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, smart home technology installation, etc., can commence and start to bring “life” to your home renovation. Some of the services will be roughed in at this stage and will finish, after drywall once appliances and fixtures arrive.

Finishing details 

All your decisions begin to look like the home you envisioned. At this stage, it either goes off without a hitch or some details may need refining-not too worry, that’s all part of the process. Finishing details such as flooring, stair installation, cabinetry installation, tile installation, paint, accessories installation, media installation, countertop installation, exterior finishing, etc., will come together to turn your home renovation into a home. 

And that in a nutshell is the home renovation process. Now that you see it laid out for you, we hope it eases some of your trepidation about renovating your home. Because knowing what to expect and when is half the battle, feeling excited to start building your dream home is the rest, and you got that in the bag! 

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Christine Lantain
General Manager
Dan Robinson Construction Management

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