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4 Rear Addition Ideas From a Home Renovation Expert

4 Rear Addition Ideas From a Home Renovation Expert

Many Simcoe Muskoka County homeowners feel they could use more space for their growing needs. A popular home renovation we do as home renovation experts is adding an addition to the back of the home. A rear addition is a versatile renovation project that can be customized to each client’s needs. And due to its location, it’s a great opportunity to tie this project into your backyard space. No wonder this type of home renovation is so high in demand!

Here are four rear addition ideas from a home renovation expert…

1. Expand and modernize your kitchen.

Older Simcoe Muskoka County homes tend to have kitchens that may not feel entirely functional by today’s standards. When these homes were first built, it was desirable to have the kitchen walled off from the rest of the house.

This was because the kitchen was solely used to prepare food, and the idea was to keep sounds and smells contained. Once the food was prepared, it would be eaten in a separate dining room. And after the food was consumed, the diners would retire to another space. While this was a practical floor plan back in the day, it isn’t conducive to modern living.

These days, the kitchen is more than just the room where you prepare food. It’s where parents connect with their kids over homework and dinner preparation, it’s where you host your friends for an elegant dinner party, and it’s where everyone catches up with one another. There might be a television in plain view or a wall of windows overlooking your yard. And when there’s a house party, the kitchen is where all the guests end up!

Even if you’re not a master chef, a well-planned and up-to-date kitchen will drastically improve your home life. A new layout could open your kitchen up to improve lighting, traffic flow, and multi-functionality. With new finishes and fixtures, a rear addition renovation could give you the kitchen of your dreams.

2. Expand your main floor and second floor to accommodate new needs. 

As a family grows, so do the family’s needs.

When you bought it, your home was perfect for you, but a couple of kids and pets later (maybe even an in-law or two), and you could use some more bedroom and bathroom space. With a rear addition, you not only have the option to build out the main floor, but you can also build up on top of it to expand your second floor! With new square footage on your second level, you could add more bedrooms, bathrooms and a laundry closet. This is a perfect addition for a growing family.

3. Expand your main floor and basement with a walk-out to a backyard oasis. 

Another way to get the most out of your rear addition renovation is to build underneath it: in other words, you can expand your basement. You can even have your home renovation expert construct a walk-out from the basement to your backyard, where your outdoor oasis is waiting for you!

This type of home renovation will not only expand and add functionality to your main floor, but it helps you get the most use out of your basement as well. For instance, you could create an in-law suite in your basement with its own bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom — complete with a private entrance. Or, you could create a home theatre, games room, or a private gym in your newly renovated and expanded basement. The possibilities are truly endless.

4. Expand your main floor with an open-concept renovation to modernize your space. 

While you’re already renovating, you might consider combining a rear addition with an open-concept renovation on your main floor. An open-concept layout would convert your kitchen, dining room, and living room into one large, multifunctional space. Open-concept renovations allow more natural light into your home, making it instantly feel bigger and brighter.

You will also notice the traffic in your household improve, encouraging more opportunities to connect and communicate in this shared space. This is especially true if you enjoy entertaining guests, as an open-concept layout is way more conducive for mingling and conversation.

As a home renovation expert in Simcoe Muskoka County, we know how appealing rear additions are to homeowners looking for more home space. A rear addition can give you the chef’s kitchen you’ve been dreaming about, expand to the second floor to add more bedrooms and bathrooms, include a functional basement with a walk-out to your backyard oasis, and create an open-concept main floor to modernize your home.

The versatility of a rear addition will give you more space and multi-functionality for your growing needs and style. Reach out today, we can help you plan and build your rear addition and help you love your home again!

Reach out today, and we will help you plan and build your rear addition!

Christine Lantain
General Manager
Dan Robinson Construction Management

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