4 Reasons to Consider an Open Concept Renovation for Your Innisfil Home

Innisfil, Simcoe County is a great location to live. It boasts a small-town vibe, with proximity to beaches, shopping, and activities for the whole family. That said, you may not find or live in your dream home, and instead find yourself in a fixer-upper with great potential. Let’s face it, some Innisfil houses are older or dated and could use a more modern look with additional space. But is it possible to have these things without doing a home addition? Absolutely. If you’d like to renovate your house without adding to the footprint, consider an open concept layout for your home renovation. There are many reasons that an open concept renovation for your home can improve your living situation. An open concept layout can help modernize and give your home a spaciousness you didn’t know you had. There are many upsides to going with an open concept design.

Here are 4 reasons to consider an open concept renovation for your Innisfil home…


1.  An open concept home will feel bigger and brighter

Innisfil homes range vastly from farmhouses to cottages, to mid-century homes and subdivisions. One commonality is that they tend to have a more traditional, compartmentalized layout with each room closed off serving a single, specific purpose. For example, the kitchen is designed to prepare food, and it is sectioned off from the dining room, which is specifically intended for eating food. And then, you might have a separately walled-off living room for relaxing, conversing, and watching television. Having these three separate, enclosed rooms can make the house seem smaller and darker. These days, it’s no longer a necessity to have separate rooms for the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Many families find that they rarely use their dining room, and it seems like a waste of space to have a room that only gets used on holidays or odd special occasions.

Food preparation, eating, and lounging can easily happen in the same space, which is why the living room, dining room, and kitchen often get combined into one room in an open concept home. Economizing space this way makes the house feel more spacious, and ensures the homeowner gets more use out of every inch of their home. Also, by removing walls, more natural light will flood into your living space, which will also make your home seem loft-like, bigger, and brighter. Another benefit of living in an open-concept space is you’d have more flexibility with how you want to layout your furniture and design a space that is both functional and beautiful to suit your household’s specific needs.

2. An open concept design will encourage more social interaction

An open concept floor-plan will encourage more social interaction within the household, as it connects all the living spaces into one. For instance, a parent can prepare dinner in the kitchen and keep an eye on their children (or pets for that matter) who are playing in the living room. An open concept floor plan can also be useful if you enjoy hosting parties at home. Have you ever noticed when attending a house party, most of the guests end up in the kitchen? It’s because the kitchen is where all the action is! With an open concept, it’s easier for a host to engage with guests from the kitchen. The kitchen is often the focal point in a typical home, and an open concept layout makes it easier to leverage that.

3. An open concept layout will allow more flow

An open concept house will improve your home’s traffic flow, as there are no doors or walls obstructing movement. Household members will be able to move throughout the home with more ease and efficiency, communicating without barriers as voices can carry more easily in an open space. Also, task completion such as getting ready for school or making a meal can be done without that particular room getting clogged up. Ensuring every member of your household can move around freely with independence is vital to a happy and productive home!

4. Bring the outdoors in with an open concept renovation

With an open concept layout, it’s possible to bring the great outdoors in! If your Innisfil property boasts a beautiful garden, outdoor patio, or beachfront, an open concept home can make the most of your view. With proper design, your outdoor space can be visible practically anywhere inside your house. Having a view of the outdoors is bound to positively affect your mood and emotional state. Keep in mind that switching to an open concept layout is a major home renovation that should be left to professionals! Removing walls without accounting for adequate support can cause collapse or interfere with the overall integrity of the structure. It is definitely to your advantage to consult a home contractor who specializes in open concept renovations for Innisfil homes.

An open concept renovation comes with many advantages. You will find that your home will seem bigger and brighter, and allow for more flow of traffic. Open concept homes encourage more day-to-day social interaction within a household and are particularly great when hosting parties. And, if you live on a beautiful, scenic Innisfil property, you will benefit from being able to appreciate your view from virtually anywhere in your open concept home. If you’re not sure if it’s suitable for your home, consult with an Innisfil home renovation contractor to help determine if this is a good home upgrade for you.


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Christine Lantain
General Manager
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