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5 Home Addition Ideas for Single-Level Houses or Bungalows in Innisfil

Single-level houses in Innisfil are in abundance, and they offer plenty of advantages for homeowners. Innisfil bungalows are charming and generally low-maintenance. Many would agree that single-level Innisfil homes are perfect starter homes. However, what happens when you outgrow your perfect Innisfil bungalow? Perhaps you start a family, or your parents need to move in, and suddenly you need an extra bedroom and bathroom. Or, maybe you work from home and could use a home office, or would like a studio space for your hobbies. Maybe it’s time for a home gym or a home theatre? Whatever your reasons for wanting more space, rest assured you don’t have to give up your bungalow property in Innisfil. There are many renovation upgrades that will make you love your home again.

Here are 5 home addition ideas for single-level houses or bungalows in Innisfil…

1. Build a Second Floor to Your Innisfil Bungalow

Imagine doubling your square footage! Sounds crazy, right?
You might think you don’t possess enough land to expand your home that much. Or, maybe you have the land but you don’t want to sacrifice your garden, patio, or outdoor space. Well, instead of building out, consider building…up. If you have a single-level house or bungalow in Innisfil, your home addition contractor could potentially add an entire second floor to your home. Adding a second floor dramatically increases your living space without touching your home’s footprint. You could typically add bedrooms and bathrooms on the new second floor, so your family can have some privacy upstairs. You could even get that primary bedroom with a walk-in closet and an ensuite bathroom you’ve always wanted! Adding a second floor to your bungalow is a great opportunity to customize your house to your household’s specific wants and needs.

2. Construct an Attic Space or Third Floor to Your Single-Level Innisfil Home

Why stop at two floors when you could have three? Adding a third floor to your Innisfil home could be as simple as adding an attic space, which is traditionally used for storage. Or, you could think bigger. After all, a third floor or attic has great potential. You could use your third floor or attic for that art studio or hobby room you’ve always wished you had. You can build a private home office that is secluded from the rest of the house. You can even convert your third floor into a workout room or a spare bedroom. The possibilities are endless. Just keep in mind that when building upwards, you will have to consider building permits and zoning laws, so be sure to work with an Innisfil home construction company that has experience in this area.

3. Renovate Your Bungalow’s Basement

Speaking of infinite possibilities… a finished basement presents a whole range of options!
Your home renovation contractor can convert your basement into more bedroom space for your growing family, or build a rec room. You could even build a complete in-law suite (or granny suite), with a bedroom, living space, kitchen, and even a separate walkout to the backyard for extra privacy. If entertainment is a priority for your household, you could convert your basement into an enviable games room and arcade, or the ultimate home theatre or video gaming suite. Like adding more floors, basement renovations don’t add to your home’s footprint, so taking up more space on your property isn’t a factor.

4. Renovate Space Over a Garage For an Apartment or Studio

If adding to your home’s footprint is not a concern of yours, consider building a new garage. A garage addition can be attached or detached from your main house. Or, if you already have an existing garage, consider extending it so you have space for an additional vehicle, workshop, or storage. If you’d like even more space, you can even build an apartment or studio above the garage. Sometimes called laneway housing, these standalone apartments over detached garages have come into vogue lately, presenting extra space and privacy for in-laws and family members, or even rental opportunities.

5. Add a Rear Kitchen Addition With a Walkout to the Patio or Backyard Deck

In older single-level Innisfil homes, the rooms tend to be more compartmentalized. In other words, the kitchen, dining room, and living room tend to occupy three separate rooms that are separated by walls. This often means that the kitchen is quite small and not conducive for gatherings. It also means your Innisfil bungalow can feel dark, as the flow of natural light is restricted, and your home might generally feel smaller than it is. If you have space, consider building a rear addition to your single-level Innisfil home. Typically, the back of the home is a great placement for a new kitchen that opens out into the backyard, rear patio, or deck. Having the kitchen flow into the outdoor dining/living space encourages mingling and conversation.

With a new kitchen construction in the back, you are now able to consider an open-concept renovation for the main floor. With an open concept renovation, your kitchen, dining, and living space all occupy one big open area. This will make your home feel brighter and bigger and encourages conversation and interaction within your household. Keep in mind that removing inside walls is best left to professionals, as you really don’t want to compromise the structural integrity of your single-level home. Your open concept renovation and rear kitchen addition are best left to a professional Innisfil renovation company that can make sure everything is done to code, with the correct building permits and abiding by all zoning laws.

We know you love your Innisfil single-level home or bungalow, but if you feel like you are in need of more space, there are many home addition options for you to consider. For instance, you could build a whole second floor on your home, which would potentially double your space! You could even go further and build a third-floor attic (or spare room or studio). You could also renovate your unfinished basement for more living space, or have a games room or home theatre. Your home renovation company can build a garage and build an apartment or studio above the garage. Finally, consider a rear addition, with a modern kitchen that opens out into your backyard patio. If you’re not sure which home additions are right for your single-level home or bungalow, ask a home renovation company!

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