5 Home Addition Ideas Trending in Innisfil

5 Home Addition Ideas Trending in Innisfil

Simcoe County has a lot to offer. If you love living in Innisfil but feel like your home is no longer the perfect fit, you might want to consider building an addition to your home.

Home addition trends come and go, but we’ve observed some that are sticking around for the long-term in Innisfil, Simcoe County.

Here are 5 popular home addition ideas trending in Innisfil:

Garage Addition

Adding a garage – or extending an existing garage – is a home addition idea to get more functionality out of your home.

Much of the appeal of this home addition trend lies in its versatility.

In Innisfil, extra garage space can mean accommodation for an extra vehicle, more storage space, additional workshop or studio space, or even a new rec room or party area.

You could even build an over the garage addition, and use it as a living space. Just think of what you could do if you had an extra bedroom, media room, office space, or hobby room!

A garage addition may be attached to your existing home or detached.

Attached garages tend to be less expensive to build since they share an already-built wall with the existing house, but you will want to take into account how an attached garage affects the curb appeal of your property.

As with any major home renovation, you’ll want to be mindful of Innisfil zoning laws and codes where applicable (which is why it’s a job best left for a professional home addition company).

Second-Floor Addition

Craving a primary suite with a little privacy from all the kids?

A luxury bathroom?

Maybe a walk-out balcony for those morning coffees out in the fresh air?

Consider a second-floor addition to your home!

This home addition trend can potentially double your home’s square footage without adding to your existing footprint. This can be particularly appealing if your house is on a small lot, or if you don’t want to sacrifice your outdoor garden space. Or, maybe you just don’t want to sprawl too close to your neighbours.

Adding a second floor can re-invent both the style and function of your home in a dramatic way. Your new second floor can extend over your whole house, or you can build up just part of your house.

Either way, you’ll want to make sure you consult with someone who can design a second floor that doesn’t make your home look like a big shoebox!

Granny Suite

A family can grow in several ways.

It doesn’t just mean that children are appearing on the scene.

It could also mean an aging parent (or two) will be joining the household.

There are many pluses to living in a multi-generational home. Many cultures have long been doing this, as a way for families to help raise children and take care of their elderly. It takes a village, as the old saying goes.

That said, living with extended family can present some challenges.

So, it comes as no surprise that this next home addition idea is catching on quickly in Innisfil.

If you’re planning a multi-generational household, you will want to make sure you design and build a granny suite that provides comfort and privacy for everyone.

Some ideas for an ideal granny suite could include making sure that there is main floor access so that the occupants don’t need to be challenged with stairs.

A private bathroom with a walk-in tub or shower with handrails would also ensure a safe and accessible environment for the elder members of your household.

Ramps and ample space for maneuvering should also be accounted for when designing a granny suite.

Rear Addition

Sometimes, putting in a large addition can make the original structure look too small or out of proportion, making the whole structure lack symmetry or balance.

Building a rear addition to your home is a practical way to add to your square footage without disrupting the appearance of your property from the street.

A popular rear addition idea that adds both value and functionality is extending a main floor kitchen into the backyard.

You could also add a sunroom or garden room to add more natural light to your living area. You might even consider adding a mudroom or laundry room at the back of your house.

A rear addition typically includes a walk out into your garden or patio, creating a natural flow from your indoor space to your outdoor space.

Backyard Office Shed

The COVID pandemic changed the way we work.

Many had to resort to working remotely and setting up an office space at home.

For many, that meant spreading out on the kitchen table or trying to squeeze into a corner of a spare room.

The struggle has been real.

These scenarios are not conducive to work, as they leave you open for distraction, and offer little-to-no privacy.

With children in the picture, you run the risk of your equipment and files getting lost, disorganized, or damaged.

Holding video conference meetings are particularly challenging, with noise and family members trying to get through their day in the background.

Even as the pandemic subsides, and many are returning to work, many people are still choosing to work from home, either full-time or part-time.

This is why building a backyard office shed is currently a hot home addition idea trending in Innisfil.

By adding a separate structure in your backyard, either attached or detached from your main home, you can have the privacy and quiet of working in an office without the harrowing commute!

As a bonus, having a separate office to retreat to means you can feel like you’ve “left” work at the end of the day, giving you that psychological breath of fresh air you need.

Building an addition to your home allows you to continue to have the house of your dreams as your needs evolve while staying in a location that you love. Popular home addition trends we’ve observed in the Innisfil, Simcoe County include: adding or extending a garage, adding a second floor to your existing house, adding a granny suite, building out the back of your house, or constructing a backyard office shed.






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