5 Must-Have Renovation Upgrades for Your Simcoe Muskoka Cottage

Nothing says “summer” like escaping the big city and retreating to your cottage on Lake Simcoe or Lake Muskoka. Especially in recent years, with the onset of the COVID pandemic, families have been seeking sanctuary in cottage country more than ever before. While visiting the family cottage is meant to be a peaceful vacation, that isn’t always the case. Some Simcoe Muskoka cottages are quite old, and what passed as an ideal vacation home-away-from-home 30 years ago, might not necessarily fit the bill for modern-day cottage goers. Fortunately, a couple of upgrades from a qualified renovation company can improve your summers by the lake.

Here are 5 must-have renovation upgrades for your Simcoe Muskoka cottage…

Open concept main floor renovation

Older cottages tend to be more compartmentalized, each room with a specific purpose. For example, on the main floor, you would typically have a walled-off kitchen for preparing food, and a separate dining and living room. However, visiting a cottage is usually a time when friends and family get together and socialize. An open concept design—where the kitchen, dining, and living area are all opened up into one large space—encourages mingling and conversation. It also allows more space for bigger gatherings and lets more natural light into the cottage, which makes the space feel even bigger and brighter. Furthermore, an open concept main floor in your Simcoe Muskoka cottage will allow for better views of the outdoors; and enjoying the great outdoors is a major part of the cottage vacation experience, is it not? If you are considering an open concept renovation for your Simcoe Muskoka cottage, it is highly advised that you hire a professional renovation company to ensure that the structural integrity of the whole cottage is not at risk when inside walls are removed.

Rear addition with a kitchen that connects to outdoor space

If you’re like most people, you’ll want to spend more time outside than inside when at the cottage. But entertaining outside can often be an awkward balancing act of transporting things from the kitchen to the outdoor areas. Renovating your cottage by adding a rear kitchen addition that extends outdoors, not only improves traffic flow and completes the space but, it’s more efficient for entertaining. When you connect the indoor/outdoor dining/entertaining space in this way, you will find that you get more use and pleasure out of your Simcoe Muskoka cottage.

Upgrade the view at your cottage

Nothing beats the scenery at Lake Simcoe or Lake Muskoka. With some carefully thought-out renovations, you can make the most of those spectacular cottage views.
Consider upgrading your windows to window walls, so you never miss a cottage sunrise or sunset again. Upgrade your patio doors with glass doors and bring the outdoors in! Go a step further and have sliding glass walls installed so you can take in that Simcoe Muskoka scenery from anywhere in your cottage. With proper planning and design, your renovation company can reconstruct your cottage living space so that every room has full access to the outdoor views.

Add more space for cottage guests

When it comes to cottaging, the more the merrier, right? That’s easier said than done if your Simcoe Muskoka cottage can’t accommodate more than your immediate family.
Building an addition can easily resolve that issue. Your renovation company can add extra bedrooms and bathrooms to the main floor so that your cottage getaways can include more friends and family. Consider a second-floor addition if you don’t want to increase your living space footprint. Or, if you have lots of cottage land to sprawl out on and still want to maintain some element of privacy, you could build an entirely separate guest house on your cottage property.

Modernize your cottage

Simcoe Muskoka cottages are often family property for years, even generations. As a result, cottages come steeped in tradition and nostalgia. So, it’s not always easy to let an old cottage property go, even if you and your family are craving something more luxurious and modern. Perhaps you’d like some upgrades for comfort and space. Or maybe, you’d prefer something that was more energy efficient. Sadly, with older cottage properties, there can be structural damage or wear and tear. If this is the situation you are in, rather than sell and part with a cottage property that is no doubt filled with family memories, you can embark on a full gut renovation that will not only add more space but bring your cottage up-to-date.

You can even ask your renovation expert about incorporating smart technology into your renovation so that your newly upgraded cottage will have some automation and safety features. These smart home features could include video camera surveillance and motion detection, to keep an eye on your cottage property when you are not around. Or, automatic lighting and temperature control, to keep your energy bills down and keep the climate in your cottage comfortable. And, your builder can make sure that all upgrades are building code compliant so you can rest at ease.

With a few renovation upgrades, you can bring your Simcoe Muskoka cottage experience to a whole new level. Consider getting an open concept renovation on the main floor of your cottage, to encourage more mingling and socializing. A rear kitchen addition that opens out into outdoor areas will easily extend the party from indoors to outdoors. With window wall and glass wall installations, you can take in that beautiful country scenery from anywhere in your cottage. Add more room for guests with a main floor addition, a second-floor addition, or by building a separate guest house. A smart technology upgrade will improve security and surveillance at your cottage, as well as help you manage your energy expenses.
Investing in a cottage renovation is bound to bring you more enjoyment and use out of your summer home-away-from-home for years to come!

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