5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Renovation Contractor in Innisfil

When you live in Innisfil, Simcoe County, it’s not uncommon to want to renovate. While Innisfil is a wonderful place to live—with its small-town charm, proximity to the water, culture, and community—you may feel at some stage that you have outgrown the housing options you have there. Perhaps your family has grown and you need more space. Or, maybe you want more luxury in your life and it’s time for an upgrade! Many Innisfil residents opt to get their homes renovated; building additions, converting interiors to an open concept design, and complete teardown and rebuilds are popular options. In any case, home renovation is a big task, and hiring the right renovation company for your job can be overwhelming if you don’t know what questions to ask. If you are thinking about a renovation, here are 5 questions to ask when hiring a home renovation contractor in Innisfil that will help you choose the right one…

1. Does your home renovation contractor have a Construction Manager?

It is important to ask your home renovation company if they have a construction manager.
You might wonder if a construction manager is a superfluous expense, but it’s actually a really important role that could very well make or break your home renovation. The construction manager oversees the work and makes sure that every task is completed by the required tradespeople and subcontractors. It is their job to plan everything down to the last detail so that your home renovation goes perfectly. On a big renovation, without proper construction management, you run the risk of tradespeople or subcontractors being unclear on who is responsible for what, and there could be overlap or gaps in the work that cause delays.

Without someone overseeing the process from start to finish, even a team of the best renovators might miss something. The construction manager makes sure that the scope of work is clearly outlined and fulfilled, and the finished home is completed to the homeowner’s satisfaction, on time, and on budget. Perhaps most importantly, the construction manager is the point person between the renovation crew and the client. Having a communicative and compassionate liaison to the renovation crew can be a great source of stress relief to the homeowner. Having a team of great builders is definitely important, but the right construction manager who plans, prepares, and communicates the process with an emphasis on great service will make all the difference when you decide to renovate your Innisfil home.

2. Is your home renovation company located in Innisfil?

We don’t need to explain why hiring local is just a great thing to do! Hiring a local home renovation company to build an addition, renovate, or rebuild any part of your property will mean work for many local tradespeople and materials suppliers. Investing in your community, especially a close-knit one like Innisfil will only help this great town thrive. And, who doesn’t want to live in a thriving neighbourhood? Aside from that, hiring a home renovation expert who has ties to Innisfil provides plenty of benefits to you, the homeowner. For one, they will have familiarity with Innisfil properties and any construction challenges and quirks that may come up. Coming from Innisfil, they will have an intuitive understanding of what local residents need and appreciate the most, in terms of home construction. Also, they will have ties to all the best resources, suppliers, and people that will contribute to your home renovation, in a way that someone from out of town might not be able to match. Shopping local also will keep your budget and timeline in check, as everyone and everything is close at hand.

3. Is your home renovator creative?

It’s easy to forget just how much creativity is required in home renovation. Amidst all the technical skills, machinery, and physical strength required, don’t forget how much the value of craftsmanship and design is in this line of work. There is artistry in building and rebuilding homes. When hiring a home renovation expert, you want someone who brings bright ideas to the table for home remodeling — things you may not have ever thought about! You want someone who can problem-solve for you and give you honest feedback based on their wealth of expertise. An experienced home contractor can advise you on what renovations will provide the best return on your investment. While it’s their job to build a home that is functional and sturdy, your home is also meant to be beautiful. Your home is a retreat, a sanctuary where you collect yourself and relax. So, while technical skills, workmanship, and reliability are vital, you also want to hire someone with an inspired sense for design and aesthetics, as well as a proven ability to create spaces that work.

4. Do they have an Architect and Designer they work with?

A home renovation company will typically have ties to all the subcontractors you will need to complete your job. However, if your home renovation project is a big one, make sure you ask if they have an architect and a designer that they work with regularly. Hiring an architect or a designer might seem like an extravagant expense at first, but depending on your renovation, it might be a decision that saves you money in the long run. Not to mention, hiring an architect or designer to be on your home renovation team can save you a lot of grief down the road.

An architect is a licensed design professional, who has extensive training and is legally responsible for the work they do. They are qualified to draw up plans for the design of your home. You’ll need these drawings when applying for building permits. Your architect will be most useful in this area and should have knowledge of local zoning laws and the required documentation. An interior designer has different licensing requirements than an Architect, and will typically focus more on making the space look beautiful with colours, fabrics, and finishings. Together, they can help you design a space that is properly thought out, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Does your home contractor have testimonials or references they can share?

Another added benefit of hiring someone local to renovate your home is you are more able to get word-of-mouth recommendations and testimonials to help with your decision. Ask your neighbours and community if they’ve hired someone to renovate their home, what their experience was like, and if they are happy with the work. If you’re really lucky, you can walk through someone’s house to get a sense of the home renovator’s work firsthand! Barring that, definitely do a Google search and ask for references to see what kind of reviews a home renovator has before deciding to hire them. See as many photos and video walk-throughs as the home renovation company can supply to help with your decision.

Renovating your Innisfil home is a big job! So, hiring a home renovation company might seem overwhelming at first. Some questions you might want to ask before hiring a home renovation contractor could include: do they have a construction manager? Are they located in Innisfil? Have they demonstrated creativity and problem-solving skills? Do they have an architect and designer whom they work with? Can they share any testimonials or references?

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