7 Renovation Ideas That Will Take Your Simcoe Muskoka Cottage from Cabin to Resort

A trip to the family Simcoe Muskoka cottage is a way to get back to nature, a simple life away from digital distractions, and a more “rustic” lifestyle. That said, a little luxury and convenience never hurt anyone! After all, a vacation is your time to decompress and relax and cottage renovation upgrades can help you enjoy the benefits of a full-blown resort under your own roof! So with that in mind, here are 7 renovation ideas that will take your Simcoe Muskoka cottage from cabin to resort…

Main Cottage and Guest House Renos

Vacationing at your Simcoe Muskoka cottage is all about bringing friends, family, and extended family together for a good time.

Making memories is all well and good, but on a practical level, does your cottage have enough space to accommodate a large number of people?

Stacking multiple kids into bunk beds is one thing, but what about kitchen space and available bathrooms? At some point, you and your guests are going to need more space and privacy.

Having inadequate accommodations for everyone can diminish the cottage experience.

Adding a guest house or “bunkie” to your cottage property, while maintaining the main cottage, is an excellent way to add more living space while affording privacy for your guests. It can either be something that compliments the main cottage or something completely different, it just depends on your imagination and budget.

Depending on the type of space you create, you may need to extend services from the main cottage to the guest house, so it’s best to work with a Simcoe Muskoka County renovation company that can help obtain permits and ensure everything is professionally installed.

Luxurious Spa and Recreation Amenities Renovation Ideas

Chilling out at the lake is great, but if you want to take your cottage getaways up a notch, consider adding some spa and recreational amenities.

For example, your home renovation company could build a yoga studio with all the features and amenities you’d find at an expensive luxury resort.

If you have the space, installing a tennis court or putting green brings the country club right onto your cottage property!

And for relaxing afterwards, a hot tub and sauna would be a nice touch; throw in a wood-burning fireplace, and just like that, you’re at the spa!

Rear Cottage Addition With Walk-Out

Having your renovation company build a rear addition to your cottage is an excellent way to add space, which is a luxury we all appreciate and need.

The back of the cottage is a good place for the kitchen, so if you’d like a bigger kitchen for food prep and socializing (the party always ends in the kitchen, after all), this is an ideal renovation upgrade for you. And while you’re at it, maybe remove some inside walls and convert the space to a larger multi-purpose area, which is better suited for mingling and parties.

Adding a walk-out from the rear addition kitchen to the back patio or deck will encourage a fluid transition between the indoors and outdoors, which is especially nice for outdoor dining and entertaining.

Three-Season Porch is a cottage reno ‘must-have’

A three-season porch is a porch that is screened in or enclosed with windows. It is sometimes called a sunroom. They are meant to be used during warmer seasons but can withstand some variations in the weather.

Three-season porches differ from all-season porches in that they are not insulated, heated or air-conditioned. As such, they are also not as expensive to build as all-season porches.

Three-season porches are an excellent addition that will add natural light and space to your cottage.

Because they essentially bring the outdoors in, they allow you to make the most of Simcoe Muskoka scenery without getting eaten alive by mosquitos or black flies. They tend to be ideal as entertaining and dining spaces while providing covered storage off-season.

Include a Games Room and Theatre in your reno plans

We all know that cottage life is about enjoying the great outdoors.

But, there’s nothing wrong with getting some indoor downtime while enjoying your Simcoe Muskoka cottage.

Especially with kids in toe, or not, adding a games room with a pool table, arcade games, Playstation, or a home theatre would be great for rainy days or when you need a little break from the great outdoors.

Have your professional renovation contractor advise you on soundproofing, and installing speakers, lighting, and blackout blinds for the best game room and cottage theatre experience!

Adding Smart Technology while you renovate makes a lot of sense

Incorporating smart technology into your Simcoe Muskoka cottage renovation will not only add an element of luxury to your cottage life but also safety and convenience benefits.

Smart technology allows you to manage your cottage’s automated systems and appliances from a device or smartphone.

For instance, with smart technology, you can turn on the lights and activate your cottage’s air-conditioning while you are still commuting, so that the environment is comfortable when you arrive. You can even pre-heat the oven so that it is ready to go when you get there.

Smart technology allows you to monitor your cottage while you are away, with video surveillance and motion detectors. The possibilities these days are endless.

Gut and Renovate Your Simcoe Muskoka Cottage

Many Simcoe Muskoka cottages have been around for a long time, getting passed down among family members from generation to generation.

While tradition and nostalgia are heartwarming aspects of cottage ownership, it’s natural to feel that you may have outgrown your cottage.

Your needs and sense of style may be different from those who previously owned this cherished time capsule, so maybe it’s time for a full gut renovation.

A professional renovation specialist will be able to balance upholding the history and integrity of your cottage while modernizing and bringing your property up to date and code.

Renovating your Simcoe Muskoka cottage can bring some added luxury and convenience to your getaways. Consider building a guest house while maintaining the main cottage that will add more space and privacy so that you can entertain more guests at the same time. You can make your cottage feel like a spa or country club by adding amenities such as a putting green to practice your game, a tennis court, a hot tub, or a sauna. A rear addition with a walk-out to a three-season porch is a great way to bring the outdoors in and get more months of use out of your cottage throughout the year. A games room and theatre room will provide additional entertainment for those long summer nights. Incorporate smart technology in your cottage renovation for added security and convenience. Gut and renovate the entire space to suit your specific wants, needs and style. Cottage season always seems to go by so fast, but with some renovation upgrades, you can get the most out of your cherished cottage getaways and even extend your season timeline.

Want to turn your cabin into a resort? Reach out today and start planning your cottage renovation during the off-season.


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