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Discover Home Additions To Increase Your Square Footage Without Adding to the Footprint

Do you love your home but feel like you could use more space? Perhaps your lifestyle has gone through some changes, and your current home no longer suits your needs. If you’re like many residents in Simcoe-Muskoka County and the GTA, you love your neighbourhood, community, and outdoor space and may not want to go through the hassle of moving… Fear not—you don’t have to! You can choose to renovate and increase your square footage, all without compromising your home’s footprint, and love your home again.

Renovations require a lot of planning and consideration. One of the first things to consider is how a renovation will affect your home’s footprint. A house’s footprint is basically how much surface area your structure covers. Depending on your situation, expanding your footprint might not be an option. One reason could be building an addition would cause your home to be too close to a neighbouring property or structure. You can probably guess that building too close to another home could infringe on privacy or encroach on setbacks, among other issues.

In any case, it’s extremely important to abide by Simcoe-Muskoka and GTA zoning laws and building codes (which is why it is best to hire a professional home addition company for these projects). Even if you’re all clear with regard to building permits and zoning laws, maybe you would prefer not to increase your home’s footprint for personal reasons. For instance, you love your garden or have a deck or pool you don’t want to sacrifice for an addition. Fortunately, you have many options. It is very possible to construct an addition without adding to your home’s footprint. Read on to discover home additions that will increase your square footage without adding to the footprint…

Second-Floor Home Additions

Adding a second-floor to your existing Simcoe-Muskoka County or GTA home is a great way to get more space without increasing your footprint. Your second-floor addition can cover your entire ground floor or just part of it, or it could even be larger than the current footprint. It really depends on how much space you need to quell your family’s needs. A typical second-floor addition would add more bedrooms, a bathroom or two, and maybe a second-floor laundry closet or yoga studio. Be sure to consult with a professional home renovator when it comes to building a second-floor addition so that the project doesn’t make your home look unusual or cause it to lose curb appeal.

Third-Floor Home Additions

A third-floor addition might involve adding an entire third story to your home or building out an existing attic space. Third-story additions are a great way to add a guest suite or luxury primary bedroom with an ensuite. There are—as usual—zoning laws and building permits to consider. You may or may not be allowed to build as high as a third floor, so it’s best to work with a renovation expert who will make sure everything is done to code, and in compliance with local by-laws. With adding a third floor, consider if your existing infrastructure—such as HVAC and plumbing—is adequate to serve the new floor. Your professional home renovation specialist should be able to anticipate and plan for these situations.

Over-the-Garage Home Additions

If your home has a garage, another option is to build an over-the-garage addition. An over-the-garage addition could be added to an attached or detached garage. Not only will this type of addition give you more space, but, this type of renovation is also versatile. There are many uses for an over-the-garage addition; you can add a living space that functions as an in-law suite or apartment. Or, you can finally have that home office and studio you’ve always wanted. The possibilities are endless. In fact, many of these are already being built in the GTA right now- laneway suites!

If you’d like to renovate your home but increasing the footprint of your existing home is not permissible or practical, you have options. Some home additions that could Increase your square footage without adding to the footprint of your property include a second-floor addition, a third-floor addition, and an over-the-garage addition. You don’t need to leave your Simcoe-Muskoka County or GTA community you love to make your dream home a reality. Reach out today, and we can help you love your home again in the neighbourhood you already love!

Reach out today, and we’ll help you make your dream home a reality! 

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