Home Addition Contactor

A home addition contractor can provide you a customized space that fits your lifestyle

Is your home undersized or lacks vital amenities like a spacious kitchen, primary suite, or space for entertaining? Sure, you could sell it and move into something larger but it almost always costs more to move than it does to improve. If you’re happy with the neighbourhood, hiring a home addition contractor such as Dan Robinson Construction Management (Dan Robinson) can result in a dream renovation that you and your family will love.

Home additions should keep the authenticity of your home

Home addition contractors should ensure that your home addition is designed and built to harmonize with the existing architecture and enhance it. You want to add extra square footage to an older Innisfil, Simcoe County home that doesn’t look like an afterthought. Instead, you want your addition to seamlessly preserve the original character of the house. Keep in mind that this enhances curb appeal and resale value.

Dan Robinson’s team of design and construction experts will ensure your addition compliments your lifestyle as well as your home, inside and out.

Home addition fee structure

Bringing Dan Robinson on board during the design process can save money and headaches. As a construction management company, Dan Robinson provides guidance and leadership to ensure your project runs smoothly. We clarify the cost of the project and hold everyone involved accountable for the service they provide, taking the burden off you. As a way to help save on cost, we give homeowners the opportunity to pay their vendors for some products and services directly.

Dan Robinson provides a completely transparent fee structure that is clear and easy to understand. Three primary parts make up the renovation budget:

1. A fixed management fee based on the anticipated time spent on site. Management ensures all work is performed according to specifications described in the scope of work. The fixed fee is our incentive to complete the work quickly and ensure high levels of construction quality at all stages that eliminate callbacks.

2. Detailed line item estimating combined with an accurate quantity survey ensures labour and materials are accounted for from the start. All aspects of the project are presented in an easy-to-understand format that indicates exactly what will take place in each area of your home. Totals are summarized by area and category for reference and budget tracking.

3. Bid contracts for specialized work are required for portions of the project such as cabinetry, specialty trades or landscaping. These estimates are included in the itemized budget once the bid is approved. During the budgeting phase, we use our experience with past projects to anticipate what the costs will be to avoid surprises.

Make renovations livable

If you’ve ever lived through a renovation before, you know that dust management is key. Dan Robinson works with you to develop a livable renovation strategy that works for your lifestyle. We ensure your satisfaction by following these best practices:

  • Isolate the work area
  • Seal vents and close the HVAC system
  • Capture airborne dust using a HEPA air scrubber

Communication the way you want it 

To provide you with the best possible experience, Dan Robinson is flexible in our communications approach. Receive invoices and status reports the way you want them – whether that’s by phone, digital communications, or in-person.


Love your home again.

Talk to us today about adding rooms and square footage to your home to transform your home into a perfect fit for your lifestyle, your taste and your budget. Make your renovation dreams a reality.