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What Exactly is Smart Home Technology?

What Exactly is Smart Home Technology? Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re all investors in the constantly changing technology industry. Whether owning a smart phone, computer, appliances, or speakers, all of us are part of the ever growing industry that offers...

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Who Should You Hire to Manage Your Home Renovation

Who Should You Hire to Manage Your Home Renovation With renovation DIY television shows still as popular as ever that make it seem like renovations are a breeze, it’s easy to fall into the trap of, “How hard can it be to renovate my kitchen?” But then you start and...

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“SYMPATHETIC” RESTORATION Originally used as a doctor’s home office, this historic gem in the heart of the Danforth was playfully coined the “bunker” for it’s bricked in front porch that made it feel uninviting. The home owners enlisted builder and Toronto home...

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Bid Versus Management There are generally two ways builders provide their services; a fixed bid contract including all labour and material or, a construction management contract that is essentially a time and material (pay-as-you-go) agreement. The end result is often...

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Getting Ready to Renovate It’s almost spring and the heat of the summer renovation season is fast approaching. The Toronto housing market is performing better than ever and people are able to turn “fixer-uppers” into dream homes and come out on top. When thinking...

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