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Home Renovation Contractor

A home renovation contractor should help you to imagine your home, like new again. Whether you’d like more space for your growing family, want to update its design, or crave a unique space that simply fits you better, you may be able to get everything you want by re-configuring your existing square footage rather than adding on. Whatever the goal, an interior renovation may be the perfect solution for staying in the home you love.

Allow your home renovation dreams to come true

Dan Robinson is a home renovation contractor equipped with talented designers, construction pros, skilled trades, licensed contractors, and first-class fabricators who create jaw-dropping, functional spaces built to the highest standards.

Every detail of your home renovation project is carefully considered and executed with great attention to detail. Let our team of experts guide you every step of the way. From identifying the scope of work and establishing investment range, to handling the building permit process and selecting finishes that create a cohesive design.

Maximize your home’s existing space

A good home renovation contractor can reconfigure the space in your home to work better before building more square footage. Interior renovations typically cost substantially less than a home addition. Not only can this mean huge project savings, it may also save you on property taxes and operating costs associated with home additions.

The key to creating a space that suits your needs and reflects your vision is to look past what exists today and explore how best to utilize the raw footprint of your home.

Make your home renovation livable

If you’ve ever lived through a renovation before, you know that dust management is key. Dan Robinson works with you to develop a livable renovation strategy that works for your lifestyle. We ensure your comfort by following these best practices:

  • Isolate the work area
  • Close and seal vents and the HVAC system 
  • Capture airborne dust using a HEPA air scrubber

Communication the way you want it

To provide you with the best possible experience, Dan Robinson is flexible in our communications approach. Receive invoices and status reports the way you want them – whether that’s by phone, digital communications, or in-person.

A renovation…the perfect time to invest in Smart Home integration

There is no better time than during a renovation to integrate smart home technology into your home. Think about the peace of mind that you’ll gain with whole-home automation products such as:

  • Automated thermostats and climate control
  • Home security, surveillance cameras, and smart locks
  • Life safety: smart smoke and Co2 detectors
  • Property-wide, high band width WIFI with no dead spots
  • Control systems and user interfaces
  • Smart lighting systems
  • Whole home audio, home cinema, and media rooms
  • Motorized shades
  • Water leak detectors
  • Back up power and generator systems


What would it take to love your home again?

There are many reasons to renovate. Do you want to modernize your tired-looking kitchen? Are you anticipating the arrival of a new child? Or do you need a home office? Take an inventory of everything in your home you want to change. Include “must-do” repairs, maintenance and remodeling, as well as things you would like to change if your budget allows.