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Home Renovation Ideas to Make Your Innisfil Home Guest-Ready for the Holiday Season

Having family or friends stay over for a couple of nights can be fun — especially during the holidays. But, if you find that space is limited, and having guests over feels like a tight squeeze, you might want to consider a renovation upgrade that will make your Innisfil home more guest-ready.

Being guest-ready will not only make your time with house guests more enjoyable, but it will encourage more gatherings throughout the year!

Here are 4 home renovation ideas to make your Innisfil home more guest-ready…

1. Construct an Attic Addition

Many Innisfil homes boast an attic space. But, space is usually limited and seems only useful for insulation needs.

With an attic addition, your home renovation expert can build out an existing attic, or add an entire new floor to your house. Giving you the extra space needed for a cozy guest room and if you go far enough, maybe even a guest bathroom.

The nice thing about an attic addition is that it doesn’t add to your home’s footprint. So, you don’t have to worry about building too close to your neighbour, or sacrificing any garden or patio space on your property for this renovation upgrade.

Nevertheless, you still have to be mindful of zoning laws and building permits because in some cases, you won’t be allowed to build too high.

A qualified and experienced Innisfil home renovation contractor will be able to help you navigate any zoning laws and building permits that will be required so that everything is done to code.

If you’re adding a floor or bumping out an existing attic to create a guest space, you will want to consider if your existing infrastructure — such as HVAC and plumbing — is adequate enough to accommodate the attic guest suite. Your professional home renovation specialist should be able to anticipate and respond to these situations.

2. Add a Garage Addition Guest Suite

Another way to accommodate overnight guests at your Innisfil home is by building a garage addition guest suite.

Like the attic addition, a garage addition also avoids adding to your home’s footprint.

Again, you will need to be mindful of zoning laws and building permits, so it is best to hire a home construction expert.

Your professional home renovation company can build a bedroom and living space above an attached or detached garage. It can be equipped with a kitchenette and bathroom depending on your budget and needs.

And the nice thing about a garage addition guest suite is that it presents the opportunity of building a separate entrance for added privacy, which might be nice if your guest will be around for longer than a weekend.

3. Renovate and Finish Your Basement

A finished basement presents endless opportunities.

When you have houseguests, you don’t just need more beds to sleep in — you will often need more kitchen space and bathrooms.

With a basement renovation, you could essentially add a home within a home.

You can include a spacious bedroom, living space, bathroom, and kitchen.

With a separate entrance or walkout to a backyard patio, your guests would enjoy the ultimate in amenities and privacy while staying in your guest suite.

This type of guest suite is similar to an in-law suite or granny suite and is a versatile and valuable upgrade to your Innisfil home.

4. Build a Backyard Garden Suite or Tiny Home

If adding to your home’s footprint is not an issue, you could consider adding a standalone garden suite or “tiny home” in your backyard.

Building a tiny home that is separate from your main home but still on your property will ensure privacy and provide ample space for your houseguests.

Even if your garden suite is more like a yurt, it needs to be insulated and weatherproof, as well as in accordance with building codes — even if you don’t include a bathroom or kitchen.

When entertaining houseguests, you want to ensure that everyone — both the guests and the hosts — has ample space and amenities. There are many options when considering a home renovation upgrade that will add more houseguest space to your Innisfil home. You could consider an attic addition, a garage addition, a finished basement, or adding a garden suite to your property. Remember that building permits and knowledge of zoning laws are required for these types of home renovations, so be sure to hire an experienced Innisfil home renovation company for the best results.

Reach out today and start planning ways to get your home guest-ready!


Christine Lantain
General Manager
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