7 FAQs Answered by an Innisfil Home Renovation Contractor

We get it. Renovating your home is a BIG job, and you have questions!
We’ve been home renovation contractors for a long time and compiled a list of the questions we hear the most, along with our answers. Here are 7 FAQs answered by your friendly neighbourhood Innisfil home renovation company.

1. How long will a home renovation take?

Regarding timelines, we know clients hate hearing “it depends”, but… it depends.
Unfortunately, a generic answer here won’t do. Figuring out how long your home renovation project will last has to be done individually. First and foremost, we must consider your project’s size and scale and permit acquisition. The build process will likely be extended if your design hasn’t been finalized beforehand. Decisions on finishes and details often take time and can be subject to delays for various reasons. Unfortunately, things tend to take longer these days because of the recent pandemic. We’ve had to allocate extra time due to material shortages, the availability of products, and the availability of tradespeople that are required to complete your home renovation project. However, pre-planning the entire project before work begins will allow us to provide you with a schedule once we have all the relevant information.

2. Are building permits essential? Does your home renovation company take care of building permits?

We take zoning laws and building permits very seriously when we plan a home renovation. The government of Ontario requires building permits to maintain a standard for construction. In other words, ensure your home renovation project adheres to safety and building code regulations. If you decide not to get a building permit, you risk paying fines for an illegal build and absorbing the cost of tearing down and rebuilding. Doing things by the book will save you aggravation, worry, and cost down the road. Dan Robinson Construction Management has the experience to help you acquire building permits and ensure all documentation is complete and in place before construction begins so that all necessary inspections throughout the process can be obtained.

3. Are you based in Innisfil or Muskoka, or Simcoe County? What are the benefits of hiring a local home contractor?

Dan Robinson Construction Management Inc. is based in Innisfil, Simcoe Muskoka County. The benefit of hiring a home renovation contractor who is based in Innisfil for your Simcoe Muskoka County home renovation is that we work with a network of local suppliers and tradespeople that for the most part, also live in the community and surrounding area. Hiring locally is not only great for the regional economy, but it also ensures that delivery times and expenses are cut short since everything and everyone is nearby.
As we like to say in business, your network is your net worth, and we are invested in building relationships with reputable partners who work with us on your home renovation.

4. What is the cost per square foot for a home renovation?

We often get asked how much a home renovation costs by square foot. This can be a wildly inaccurate way of pricing a home renovation project because the method needs more specifics about the project details and site conditions. To put together a realistic estimate, we look at your home renovation project and compare it to past projects we have already completed. Based on our experience with home construction builds that are similar in scale and considering current market conditions and the types of finishings you’d like, we can determine a realistic cost estimation for the project. That said, we always suggest you have a 20% contingency plan; after all, renovations often reveal unexpected issues or outdated services that need to be repaired or upgraded.

5. Do you have architects and designers?

We have connections to all the subcontractors and suppliers you will need to complete your job, including architects and designers. You may be wondering about the difference between an architect and a designer. An architect is a licensed design professional with extensive training and is legally responsible for their work. They are responsible for drawing up plans for the design of your home, and you’ll need these drawings when applying for building permits. A designer does not have an architect’s license and focuses more on making the space more appealing with colours, fabrics, and finishings. Hiring an architect or a designer might seem like an extravagant expense at first, but depending on your renovation, it might be a decision that saves you money and heartache in the long run.

6. How long have you been a home renovation expert?

Dan Robinson Construction Management Inc. has been in the home renovation business for over 30 years. What this means for you, is that you benefit from our experience and a network of reputable subcontractors and suppliers. We also have a proven track record, and you can view our completed renovations in nearby cities, towns and neighbourhoods. Our renovated homes have stood the test of time! We’ve seen every kind of home renovation project over the years, and we’ve likely encountered something similar to what you have in mind, so you can rest assured that we’ll anticipate and respond to any challenges.

7. Can you share references or testimonials from previous home renovation clients?

We are happy to provide references and testimonials from previous home renovation clients. Check our website and social media accounts for testimonials and photos of completed or currently in-process spaces.