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In-law Suite Additions with Smart Technology

In-law Suite Additions with Smart Technology that Enhance Convenience for your Family

Whether you have been in your home for years or just landed in your dream home a few months ago, life has a way of shifting and changing in sometimes rapid succession. Maybe your family has grown, and you need another living space for support, or perhaps a parent needs support, and you want to keep them close in a convenient space for their changing needs. Whatever the reason, when it happens, it sometimes means needing a bigger space, and while it might seem easier to up and move, it’s not always that simple.

Outside of the cost of purchasing a new home, you also have the expense and time of moving, the fees associated with the purchase of the house beyond the house itself, not to mention leaving the space you’ve grown to love. On the other hand, a home renovation can also be stressful and disruptive to your life, with one significant benefit that outweighs all: you get to stay in the home you love. Adding an in-law suite to your home with smart technology that makes it more convenient for your family not only provides you with the space for your changing needs it also has the added benefit of giving you some peace of mind knowing the smart technology installed can make things a little easier for your family.

Here is a list of in-law suite additions with smart technology that enhance convenience for your family:

Over-the-garage Addition

Whether it be an attached or detached garage, building an addition utilizing this area of the home can be a great way to add an in-law suite. If detached, the entire space can be updated to a tiny home or laneway home; it can have two floors or a loft space that acts as a bedroom with the dining, bathing and living on the main floor. And because it’s not a new structure, it may not impact the structure allowance for your property. If attached, it can be a handy way to keep everyone close while maintaining the privacy of separate living spaces.

Basement In-law Suite

Making use of an unfinished basement to create an in-law suite is a fantastic way to add more living space. Basements tend to be one of the most under-utilized spaces in a house, so giving it a new lease on life gives you the space for your needs, and it’s an excellent investment in your home. While renovating, you might consider underpinning the foundation to accommodate tall ceilings, larger windows that allow for more natural light, and a walk-out to the backyard. Can you even call it a basement anymore?

Attic Addition

Like the basement, the attic tends to be another under-utilized space, and more often than not, it tends to be small and cramped. Turning your attic space into an in-law suite completely changes that and makes it valuable for your family’s needs. Careful consideration will need to be taken for this type of project depending on how tall you wish the ceilings to be, as you may find boundaries around building height. Rest assured, your contractor will know how to manage this addition process. That said, think of what you can accomplish in this area of your home! Not only do you get the space necessary for your needs, but you can also upgrade your insulation, roof, and exterior finishes to look like a brand-new house once the project is completed.

Smart technology for an over-the-garage addition, basement in-law suite, or attic addition

Smart installations to all the above in-law suite additions, such as thermostats, locks, lights, blinds, appliances, and security cameras, can be helpful, especially if whoever occupies the space appreciates additional security and convenience. From their phone, the occupant can schedule the blinds for a gentle wake time, turn the lights on and off when they enter and exit the room, program the temperature to the eco setting to help save on costs, and set the oven in preparation for dinner. Smart technology can also provide reassurances to the occupant as they can use their smartphone to ensure the door is locked, the stove is off, and the blinds are closed. The smart lights and blinds can also act as enhanced security when away, as they can be programmed to appear as though someone is in the space.

Whether you decide to build an over-the-garage addition with two floors, a basement in-law suite with a pinned foundation, large windows and walk-out, or an attic addition with an updated exterior as in-law suites, the benefits of having your support system or family nearby is well worth the investment. Add smart technology that makes living in the space more convenient, with the benefit of additional security, and you are all set for your new occupant.

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