Interior Home Renovations in Innisfil that have the Biggest Return on Investment 

A home renovation is a significant investment. When you decide to do an interior renovation on your Innisfil home, it’s only natural to wonder if the investment is worth the stress and time needed to update your humble abode.

A professional home contractor can help you decide what upgrades and renovations will add value to your Innisfil home so that you’ll get a good investment return if you choose to sell one day. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home, it’s a good idea to ensure that your home renovation project adds value. That said, at the end of the day, the best investment you can make is the one that will serve your household in the long run. If you build a home that makes you happier, then it’s an excellent investment! And, in all likelihood, a future buyer will feel the same.

Regarding renovating, here is a list of interior home renovations in Innisfil with the most significant return on investment.

Kitchen Renovation with Open-concept Main Floor

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s at the centre of the activity. These days, multi-functionality is desirable in a kitchen. A kitchen is no longer just a place for food preparation. It’s where your family connects before and after school or work. It’s where homework and coffee breaks happen. It’s where dining and discussions take place.

Many Innisfil homes have an older layout, so rooms are compartmentalized or walled off. Older homes have separate rooms for food preparation, dining, and living. This can make the house feel smaller, less conducive to socializing, and lack natural sunlight. The flow of foot traffic is also impaired. The place feels brighter, bigger, and more valuable with a kitchen renovation and an open-concept main floor. And updating the focal point of the main floor, the kitchen can change the entire feel of the home as it can be customized to your style and needs. A kitchen renovation with an open-concept main floor is a widely desirable upgrade that will add value to your Innisfil home.

Finished basement with walkout

Finishing your basement can add a lot of value to your Innisfil home. There are so many things you could do with a finished basement, so think carefully about what features will be genuinely helpful for your household. For instance, you could turn your basement into an in-law suite with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living area with a walkout. You’d immediately save on expenses by not having to hire a nanny for your kids if your parents or relatives were to move into your basement. Or, perhaps you might even rent the space, providing a monthly income to supplement the return on your investment. Alternatively, you could build a home gym saving on membership fees, create a games room or home theatre, with first-class entertainment right in your home,  saving on expensive nights out. Or, maybe build a home office separate from the rest of the house, so you have some division between home and work. When it comes to basement renovations, waterproofing, flooring, and soundproofing are essential, so consult with a renovation expert.

Upgrade services, insulation, windows and doors.

Doing an energy efficiency upgrade, including services such as a furnace and air conditioner in your home, may not sound glamorous at first. Still, if you’re a big-picture thinker, you will love the return on your investment for this type of interior renovation.

Most older homes in Innisfil tend to have original services and finishes, so unless a previous owner has made an effort to replace the doors, windows, insulation, and services, you are probably due for an upgrade. Getting new windows, doors, insulation, furnace, and air conditioner will conserve energy and save you money on your energy bills. It’s also great for the environment and gives you peace of mind, as you won’t be waiting for your furnace from the early 90s to break down and fail during a February cold snap. Also, your energy-efficiency renovations may make you eligible for a rebate!

Full gut renovation

On the larger scale of interior renovations, a complete gut renovation on your Innisfil home can combine all of the upgrades mentioned above with the addition of some extras like a powder room on the main floor, turning your dated space into that new custom home you’ve been dreaming of.

You don’t need to leave the neighbourhood you’ve grown to love in a buyer’s market. And, as most of these items are things buyers look for, should you decide to sell, you can rest assured that your hard-earned money is well invested. And why not invest in your home while you’re still in it so you can enjoy the amenities that suit your needs and lifestyle?






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