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It’s Time to Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

It’s Time to Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Most of us need them, most of us have them, thermostats. A seemingly mundane thing that sits on your wall and controls temperature. But these days, the small object that controls temperature is not as mundane as you think, especially with the introduction of smart technology. These little powerhouses not only control temperature, but they also detect when there is an issue with your HVAC system, when the system needs to be serviced and can balance temperatures throughout the home. So, if you’re wondering if you should upgrade to a smart thermostat… the answer is yes, and here’s why. 


While it’s not a hardship to physically adjust your home thermostat while you are there, it’s nice to have the option to control and stay informed about your home heating and cooling system while away. Smart technology allows you to talk to it remotely, from anywhere! And voice activation through your smart assist device makes programming and making adjustments easy. Who doesn’t want the ability to adjust heating and cooling from your bedside? Especially when you wake up in a pool of sweat or shivering from the cold. Updates on how your system is functioning and reminders on when the equipment needs service can help you save time and money while providing peace of mind. 


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of this technology is the ability for the device to learn your heating and cooling preferences and program a schedule that suits the needs of your household. These features turn the system off when you leave and on when you return. It adjusts for seasonal changes, cool or heat settings, day, night and keeps important areas of the home at optimal temperature levels. Not only is it a benefit in terms of daily comfort, but it also allows you to streamline your energy use. 


And while on the topic of energy use, with your smart thermostat managing temperature levels in all areas of the home, especially where you spend the most time, you’re able to control energy output which will save on monthly bills. Well worth the upfront investment for a device if it saves you on your monthly usage costs. In fact, to help with the investment some companies like Enbridge are offering a limited-time rebate to upgrade your thermostat to a smart thermostat (https://enbridgesmartsavings.com/smart-thermostats). And with everyone spending so much time in their homes these days, it’s nice to find savings where we can. 

So, while it can seem extravagant to invest in smart thermostat the convenience, comfort, and savings it affords is well worth the upfront cost. And with a sleek, aesthetically pleasing look, it will make a great addition to your smart home!

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