Front Porch Renovation


These Riverdale home owners wanted to open up their bricked in front porch (affectionately known as the “bunker”)  and build a porch that was inviting, yet historically accurate. Owners felt that the new open space would encourage community connection and add to the beauty of their home and neighbourhood.


Once the closed in porch was removed, the front porch was rebuilt to current building code standards with new footings and a foundation that strengthened the entire home. As the front of the house had expanded, a cold room was added for functionality of the basement. New brick work was carefully planned and sourced to match the existing design, giving the house a seamless, consistent look that enhanced curb appeal.


The finishing touches to help you love your home again.

Quality Finishes

Exterior wood finishing, brick work finishing, custom historic paint job, custom railings and custom structural columns.


Love your home again

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