Home Renovation Fee Structure

Bringing Dan Robinson on board during the design process helps save you money and headaches. As a construction management company, Dan Robinson provides both guidance and leadership to ensure your project runs smoothly. We clarify all aspects of the renovation budget and hold everyone involved accountable for the service they provide, which takes the burden off you. As a way to help you save on cost, we offer you the opportunity to pay your vendors directly for certain products and services.

Dan Robinson provides a completely transparent renovation fee structure that is clear and easy to understand. Three primary parts make up the renovation budget:

1. A fixed management fee for the duration of the project, from concept to completion. Our management system ensures all work is performed according to specifications described in the scope of work. The fixed fee is our incentive to complete the work quickly and ensure high levels of construction quality at all stages that eliminate callbacks.

2. Detailed line item estimating combined with an accurate quantity survey ensures labour and materials are accounted for from the start. All aspects of the project are presented in an easy to understand format that indicates exactly what will take place in each area of your home. Totals are summarized by area and category for reference and budget tracking.

3. Bid contracts for specialized work are required for portions of the project such as cabinetry, licensed trades, or landscaping. These estimates are included in the itemized budget once the bid is approved. During the budgeting phase, we use our experience with past projects to anticipate what the cost will be to avoid surprises.


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