Should I Rebuild or Renovate my Home in Innisfil?

The most important part of deciding on a place to live is the location — right? There are lots of great reasons to live in Innisfil, Simcoe County. Innisfil boasts a small-town vibe for those who appreciate a more rural lifestyle, but don’t want to be completely disconnected from big city life. It’s close to Innisfil and Barrie but not too close. And, there’s plenty of fun things to do locally. Plus, there is a strong sense of community in Innisfil. The people of Innisfil are everything. What more could anyone want? Innisfil is a great place to live. That said, not everyone is going to immediately find their dream home in Innisfil. You might LOVE Innisfil, but maybe you don’t love the housing options it has to offer. But don’t worry — there are all kinds of options! You can buy an Innisfil home and renovate it so that it fits your needs. Or, you can purchase a property, and teardown and rebuild a brand new dream house. Which raises the question, “Should I rebuild or renovate my home in Innisfil?”

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself when you are considering, should I rebuild or renovate my home in Innisfil?

What’s the difference between a rebuild and a renovation?

First and foremost, let’s be clear on the difference between rebuild and renovation. A rebuild requires a complete teardown of the existing structure, and you’d be rebuilding a brand new home from scratch, from the foundation, to the roof and everything in between. A renovation will build upon the existing structure, perhaps constructing new additions, or bringing older structures up to code. You might think that a rebuild is far more extensive than a renovation, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, renovating an older home can be a bigger job than building a new home from scratch. And with a teardown and rebuild, you have the added bonus that everything is new, up to code, and just like you want. Plus, with renovations, sometimes unexpected expenses pop up. This is particularly true with older houses. For instance, your additions contractor might open up a wall only to discover the electrical wiring is poorly done or even dangerous.

Does it cost more to rebuild or renovate in Innisfil?

The cost of rebuilding versus renovating is something important to consider. Sometimes, a renovation seems more cost-effective, but upon closer inspection, it might be cheaper just to teardown and rebuild, depending on the circumstances of your current home and what you’re envisioning for your new home. For instance, it may not be possible to tear down the inside walls of your home so you can get that desired open concept main floor you were hoping for (without the rest of the house tumbling down). Or, say if the foundation of your home is unsound, or certain aspects of your house are not up to modern standards, you may find that a lot of your house will have to be torn down during renovations anyway, in which case it would make more sense to rebuild— both practically and financially. It’s not always abundantly clear which avenue is best to take, which is why it’s best to consult with an Innisfil home renovation expert who specializes in home additions, renovations, teardown, and rebuilds.

Would an addition improve my existing home?

When it comes to renovating your home, it’s not always clear what your options are. The truth is, something as simple as a home addition can do a LOT to expand and re-invent your current space. You might be surprised! A home addition could mean adding a garage or building an over the garage addition. You could even add an entire second floor addition to your home for extra bedrooms and bathrooms. You could add a granny suite for an elderly parent who’s moving in, or a rear addition that opens out into your backyard. Or, if you’re like many people and have started to work from home, you could consider adding a backyard office shed. Read about 5 home addition ideas trending in Innisfil here. The point is, the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to limit yourself. Think outside the box! If you are not sure what your options are, speak to a home addition expert. They can advise you on creative home addition ideas, help you narrow down what it is that you really want and need out of your home, and share their professional advice with regards to Innisfil zoning laws and codes. Plus, they can advise on the home renovations that provide the biggest return on investment.

Is a rebuild going to disrupt my life more than a renovation?

Whether you’re planning a rebuild or a renovation, you’re going to have to adapt your life accordingly. With a complete rebuild, you’ll have to make sure you and your household have an alternative place to live until the work is completed. You could be looking at several months to a year before project completion, depending on the type of work you are planning. For a rebuild, you will need to move and should consider the costs of moving and storing your belongings. With a renovation, you might be able to stay in your house while the work is done, (or take a vacation), which could take weeks, months or a year. This can be challenging, especially if you have small children or pets, in which case moving out for a while might be a better option for you.

If you decide to renovate or rebuild your Innisfil home, make sure you hire someone who is experienced and comes with a lot of positive testimonials. You want a builder who makes the renovation or rebuild process smooth, without stress, on-time, and on-budget. Find someone who specializes in renovating and rebuilding Innisfil homes. Not only do you want to hire someone who is great at building homes, but also someone who knows how to communicate and work effectively with people, all while providing excellent customer service. A well-executed home rebuild or renovation requires skillful project management and someone who can anticipate and respond to any challenges that may occur, all while managing the expectations and emotions of the homeowner. When trying to decide whether to renovate or rebuild your Innisfil home, ask a home renovation expert what the difference in cost will be. Ask what home additions are possible to turn your house into your dream home. Consider how a rebuild or renovation process will affect your day-to-day life.

So whether you decide to renovate or rebuild the most important factor is how you want to live your life, and location is a big part of that. In Innisfil you can have it all — small-town living, close to big city life, community, and a dream house. You are only limited by your imagination and budget. And with the help of a local builder, buying that fixer-upper and turning it into your dream home doesn’t feel like an impossible reach.


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