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smart Home Renovation

The future is here and so is your smart home renovation. A renovation is the perfect time to customize your home with smart technology. This is especially true when considering that larger upgrades often involve extensive custom design work, including hardwiring and installation. Upgrading to a smart home while you’re renovating helps cut down on costs by allowing our team to easily install hardware, equipment, and wiring before the walls are finished.

A smart home renovation is a great investment and an expected feature in today’s luxury home market – potentially increasing the value of your property should you eventually want to sell.

Are smart home renovations for you?

With a wide variety of smart home products available, the potential benefits from whole-home automation are almost endless.

Before deciding whether Smart Home technology is right for your renovation, it’s helpful to learn about the various devices that currently exist and what they have to offer. Most of these smart devices automate simple tasks to free up your time, and others can significantly improve home safety.

There are smart devices that offer convenience:

  • Smart doorbells that feature cameras so you know who’s at your door… whether you’re home or not
  • Cloud cameras can provide a live feed of the inside and exterior of your home
  • Smart speakers can answer questions, play music, make calls or control electronics in your home

Prevent and Minimize Damage

Other smart technology is designed to help prevent and minimize damage that occurs regularly in homes including:

  • Water leak detectors that can automatically shut off the water if they detect moisture
  • Smart thermostats to increase indoor comfort and provide notifications to help prevent your pipes from freezing
  • Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors which notify you through an app if they detect smoke or CO2, respectively
  • Smart Stovetop Fire Prevention technology uses motion sensors specifically designed to automatically shut off the stove to help prevent cooking fires
  • Smart Plugs or Outlets can offer peace of mind if you wonder whether you unplugged the coffee pot or the iron before you left home allowing you to turn lights and small appliances on and off using an app on your smartphone

Nearly everything in your home — including air-conditioners, thermostats, lights and garage doors — can be controlled with smart devices. Dan Robinson Construction Management is happy to discuss how to maximize the value of your smart home investments for today and down the road.


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