Sonos Speakers – Smart Home Technology

Sonos Speakers – Smart Home Technology

Creating a fully automated home with a Sonos System

As the list of smart home devices continues to grow with more products introduced to the market every day, Sonos speakers continue to be at the top of the heap. And it’s no wonder, these sleek-looking, high-quality speakers are easy to use; just plug in, connect with an app, and manage with your smart device. There are many different models to choose from based on your entertainment and listening needs plus, you can easily expand your system at any time. 

But aren’t speakers just speakers? 

A plethora of options and price points have always been available that could connect to your home audio-visual entertainment system. Smart home audio devices are more than just speakers. For an affordable price and without the need for professional or invasive installation, Sonos speakers can easily be set up throughout the house and mapped in a way that allows you to be connected to your music, podcasts and news, where ever you find yourself in your home. 

The powerful smart speaker with voice control built-in

And if you’re renovating, you can prepare for ceiling speakers, wall speakers, set up wired installations to connect with other hardware and audiovisual systems-all behind the walls. Thereby, creating that clean and seamless look in your space we all swoon over. Some models are even equipped with smart assist, so they can be voice-controlled with your favourite voice assistant, Google or Alexa, eliminating the need to purchase a separate smart speaker.

Keeping you informed and entertained with your choice of content, these small speakers can be placed in strategic locations throughout the home to provide clear and crisp sound at a volume that is appropriate for playing in the background or getting the party started! And in these times when we’re finding ourselves spending more time than ever at home, it’s a great option to be able to listen to your favourite playlist from your home office whether that be in your living room, spare room, backyard, or at the kitchen table. 

Brilliant sound for every room

Gone are the days when you had only two speakers flanking the television in the living room. Since we’ve come such a long way with audio technology, you can put speakers almost anywhere and everywhere you want without making it look obvious or clunky. Now, you can have standalone speakers in every room of the house, speakers embedded in your walls and ceilings, with all of them playing the same music or individually controlled by each member of the family providing unlimited entertainment options.

Listen, I know it sounds like a luxury to get a new sound system for your home but, you don’t need to purchase your new system all at one time. You could start with one speaker such as the Move, with a built-in rechargeable battery and weatherproof technology, making it versatile for inside or outside use. Expanding the system and features is as easy as buying another Sonos device and connecting it to the other speakers through the app. No technical expertise is required, the app walks you through the process and explains what to do step by step, based on your unique preferences. 

Sonos helps your family stay connected, informed and entertained

And since we’re all spending so much time at home these days, it’s nice to have an easy to use audio system that the whole family can master helping you stay connected, informed and entertained. Combined with the ability to change, upgrade or expand the system at any time, Sonos offers proven, high quality, easy to use option for all of your audio needs that makes sense for your wallet and your needs.

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