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Three Easy Steps For Tackling Your Kitchen Addition

Three Easy Steps For Tackling
Your Kitchen Addition

It is considered the heart of the home, the kitchen. A simple concept, but the room itself is so much more than that. It is a place of nourishment and conversation. A space to gather with your friends and family to prepare beautifully crafted meals that people remember fondly for years. And while most dinner parties are planned in the dining or living area, people often find themselves in the kitchen while the meal is being prepared, or chatting at the end of the evening while dishes are cleaned up. Special occasions are important and fun but the kitchen is essential for the entire family, this is also where meals are prepared every day, lessons are learned about nutrition and food safety, and kids get assigned their first chore—dishes. As one of the most utilized rooms in the house, it’s no wonder kitchen additions or renovations are so popular and important.

Our clients took on the heart of the home as part of a complete gut and rear addition to a two-story home in the Kingsway. They upgraded the original cramped 120 sq foot kitchen and expanded it into a large 300 sq foot chef-inspired kitchen with connecting sitting room. By expanding the footprint they were able to create a functional, comfortable space for preparing meals and entertaining guests. The traditional design of the kitchen with shaker style cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, Quartz countertops, combined with transitional furnishings in the sitting room, created a timeless space for entertaining where guests could stay connected to the kitchen no matter where they find themselves.

Regardless of the size of the entire renovation, kitchens always require extensive planning and careful decision-making to be successful. In fact, kitchen renovations require the services of just about every building trade to turn your dream into reality. There is so much to consider; design, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, appliances, lighting, electrical requirements, just to name a few. So how do you tackle the heart of the home in a way that reduces stress and keeps you out of the weeds? To make it easy to manage, we suggest homeowners think of a kitchen in 3 steps: operation, design and maintenance.
A well-conceived vision for the new space will put you in a great position when it comes time to working with your builder and making sure all of the details have been considered.


How do you want the space to operate and what are your general and unique requirements? Interior designers often refer to this stage of planning as space programming. How much prep space do you need on any given day? What kind of lighting do you need for preparing meals versus entertaining? What kind of appliances suit your needs? Let’s face it, while kitchens are the heart of the home they are also the workhorse of the home, especially when you prepare most of your meals there. Kitchens have many functions so it’s important to think about how you use the space for different activities such as morning coffee, meal prep, cooking, entertaining and even homework. When planning for lighting, for example, you need to make sure there is adequate general illumination, task lighting or decorative (mood) lighting. Lighting can make or break a room, and if you think, “There are way too many lights in here,” then you’re probably on the right track. Additional switching, banks of lights and dimmer switches are cost-effective methods to provide options that fit the task, event, time of day and season. Appliances, outlets and cabinetry should all be designed and built as a singular unit because each feature has a direct impact on the other. Your kitchen needs to work for you every day, so we can’t emphasize the importance of planning this space!


We all have them, gorgeous photos on Pinterest of dream kitchens we will create if when we decide to renovate. Now is the time when those photos truly come in handy. But how do we turn those pictures into reality? With space programming complete, it’s time to consider the fun part of the project; how your space will look and feel! Involving a designer at this point is always extremely helpful, especially if they have a relationship with the builder. Designers help you find that unique faucet or that solid slab of marble for the backsplash you’ve been dreaming about. They have relationships with vendors and suppliers to help with product selection and can even pass on discounts because of their purchasing agreements with vendors. When they work directly with the builder, it helps keep everyone on the same page when creating and building your dream space. 


Maintenance and upkeep isn’t a glamorous consideration but, when done right, you can save countless hours on daily chores. There are many things to consider with this step. How will you clean under or around appliances? Can the appliance be easily moved if they need to be adjusted or serviced? Are cabinet and countertop finishes scrubbable? Maintenance requirements help you determine material lifespans and replacement life cycles. Making smart choices here can save money into the future if materials last longer and wear well.

By planning your kitchen addition using 3 simple steps, operation, design and maintenance you can create the kitchen of your dreams without getting into the weeds. And much like our homeowners in the Kingsway, you too can turn that cramped kitchen into an inspiring oasis that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. 

Contact us today and start planning for your kitchen addition, and we’ll help you love your home again! 



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