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Who Should You Hire to Manage Your Home Renovation

With renovation DIY television shows still as popular as ever that make it seem like renovations are a breeze, it’s easy to fall into the trap of, “How hard can it be to renovate my kitchen?” But then you start and realize, “I’ve torn everything down, now what?” The reality is, while most of us have a general sense of how to tear something apart, the majority of us don’t know how to put it back together. This is when a project can start to feel overwhelming. Which begs the question, who should you hire to manage your home renovation? 

Most people would automatically think contractor, and that’s not wrong, but there are many professionals involved in the building process, especially for larger projects.

And these days, not all builders define themselves as contractors. Construction management in recent years has become a more popular way to build, as it gives owners a “pay as you go” option that can be appealing. Regardless, while contacting a builder can be beneficial because of the referrals they can offer, for a large project where structural changes are involved, we recommend that you start the process by reaching out to an architect or architectural technician. These professionals can help turn your vision into drawings, determine what you are allowed to build in your situation and obtain any permits required for the construction process. At this stage, an engineer may also be consulted to ensure the proposed build is structurally viable. 

Contacting a construction manager is the next step.

With drawings in hand, you can go to your builder with a physical rendering of the project. This will not only give you a better sense of all that goes into your project to build it but will also allow your builder to accurately price out the work.

Once building permit and budget considerations are approved, the next person you will likely need is an interior designer.

Again, some people may think, “How hard can it be to select appliances, finishes and decor?” The easy answer is very. In a larger project, these details range from window colour and materials, flooring, cabinetry, and exterior finishes to tub fillers, door hardware, and paint colours. The decisions you are required to make are relatively straight forward but the options are endless. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by decision-making during this process and all of these decisions directly impact the build and budget. The combination of a strong vision of what you want to achieve, and a designer to help you put those ideas into a practical plan is well worth the investment. 

Involving the right team of professionals in the building process, not only improves the fit and finish of your build, but helps put your vision into reality, ensuring that your decisions don’t cause delays or additional costs should your plans not work as intended.


Christine Lantain
General Manager
Dan Robinson Construction Management

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